Clicks are an extremely superb way to evaluate your target crowd's interest. Google-driven paid marketing has the potential of improving traffic to your website by boosting clicks. Once the prospective customer arrives at your site, the click is likely to lead to a sale/purchase.

Just one click away to get your brand a massive name and fame!

Pay Per Click Marketing

PPC or popularly known as Pay Per Click marketing is a backbone of digital marketing, in which the advertiser identifies a cost each time his ads are knocked on social media platforms. There are 2 techniques for buying visits to your site and increasing website traffic: naturally obeying and tapping clients, and buying clients' footfall on the site through PPC marketing. Search engine advertising is one of the most well-known PPC setups. This works by displaying your promotion whenever a potential customer searches for a campaign slogan related to your company's projects on search engines. This occurs because you, as a promoter, offer for promotional setup in the paid ads of a search engine each time a keyword search is finalized by anyone.

We at eSAS acknowledge your budget to build a Pay-Per-Click plan that will increase your potential revenue. We research your company's competitors to create a paid marketing strategy that will greatly enhance your company's digital presence with the relevant keywords that will raise traffic to your site and effectively turn to potential profits. No one understands your objectives better than we do, so we provide you with tailor-made options for establishing a lasting foothold in a cutthroat market.

eSAS follows an impactful PPC Marketing Services process:-

Our comprehensive PPC advertising campaign is composed of several moves, each one is equally important to the campaign's victory.

Keyword Research

We initiate the process by conducting extensive research on the required keyword or phrases and gaining the correct set from them.

Account Setup

Following that, we assemble the selected keywords into campaigns and ad groups for a profitable account setup.

Landing Page Development

Lastly, we created PPC landing pages to maximize the conversions that were earned. We always put a lot of effort into collecting meaningful and ideally focused PPC campaigns so that our partner brands can save money on search engine charges.

Ad creation & Campaign Launch

We team up with our PPC consultants to develop excellent ad creation and PPC campaigns, which aim to minimize search engine charges, resulting in higher profitability for brands.

Campaign Assessment & Feedback

Throughout our PPC campaign launching process, we track and test the formulation constantly to get operation and proper feedback.

Generating clicks for your site with the best Pay Per Click Consultancy Services

Google Ads, previously known as Google AdWords, is the most well-known Pay - per - click mechanism. With so many brands striving to strengthen their search engine rankings, we make certain to use only the finest, most powerful methods with the assistance of our consultants so that our partner brands can rank as well as engage with potential users at the lowest possible cost.

Why Choose Us!

  • Eye-tracking Installation & Testing
  • AB Split Testing
  • Time-to time Campaign Assessment
  • Analysis and Feedback
  • Excel even through Algorithm shifts
  • Equates to greater overall Website Traffic
  • Enhance Your SEO tactics with PPC Data
  • Get the Top Spot in the Local Pack