Want to shine more interactive and innovative online? eSAS is all here to set up your AR strategy, from start to end. 

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Provide Better Customer Experience.

Imagine computers, cellphones, dishwashers, and other instances of how new tech has reshaped the manner we work and live. They make our work easier and faster, and augmented reality is the next step in this direction. These new-age clients can be addressed much more effectively if we are willing to respond to new interaction tactics.


What emotions do your customers experience when they come to your website, view your merchandise, or connect with your brands? Are you making a positive impression on them? You can with eSAS. 


Collaborate with us to keep your customers engaged for longer, more insightful periods. And then watch how that impact translates into increased sales. We can boldly say, from experience working with several happy clients, that AR brings a tremendous value to both its users - who can create excellent shopping behavior - and to our clients - who discover they can improve communication with engaging data.

  • Raises virality and buzz
  • Personalization Potentials
  • Enhancement of content quality
  • Unique User Experiences
  • Heightens Customer Interaction
  • Competitive Differentiation

  • Look how we work for various industries using AR and create long-lasting results for them:


    Education Industry

    AR enhances experiential learning for both educators and pupils by introducing gaming facets into the classroom.

    Manufacturing Industry

    With the ability to decode product prototyping in 3D, the technology has made it simpler to enter and comprehend the prototype.

    Healthcare Industry

    Allow medical authorities to more smoothly define chronic conditions and therapies to patients and trainees. 3D visualization tools of organs from various angles assist surgeons in making more exact stitches and increasing success rates.


    Marketing Industry 

    Marketers can use AR-based storefronts, brochures, banners, t-shirts, flyers, and hoardings to entail 3D visuals, video, and specific target data. 

    Travel Industry

    It is capable of providing 360-degree tours of guest rooms, restaurants, meeting rooms, and other venues. It can also enable tourists to plan and foresee visits to nearby parties and events before leaving the pleasure of their rooms. 

    Engage Your Website Visitors Using AR

    We collaborate with the App Store (for iOS) and Google Play if the app requires reporting on one of the app stores (for Android apps). The App Store relies on regular people to review apps. If there are any bugs, they will demand their fixing.

    eSAS: Best Cloud Development Services

    AR can be depicted in your browser with no need to download an app. Consider a client touring your eCommerce website, which could also be a webpage. They have read about your product and would like to see it in their physical space without purchasing it. Using Augmented Reality, they can bring a 3D digital version of the product into their physical space, get a good look at it, and make an informed purchasing decision.

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